The Top 5 Australian Holiday Spots In 2018

Australia is a land blessed with a diversity that is not restricted to culture. With a land that is mostly famous for the “outback” which takes the central part of the country, Australia also has rainforests as well as mountains and great beaches that are renowned worldwide.
The cultural diversity has also not been lost in modernization, therefore retaining the rich heritage of the aboriginal tribes. And with such diversity, it is bound to have some wonderful places to visit. So which are the best spots? Let’s find out.
1. The Great Barrier-Reef
One of the world’s most renowned places, the barrier reef is truly a site to behold. With a diverse ecosystem, the reef holds 1500 species of fish and over 450 types of coral. Yes there are different types of coral. What makes the reef so great is the marine life. It is from here that the story of Nemo is based.
So take a tour with a marine biologist who will feed you some facts and get to also show you why it is important we start taking care of our environment. And while you are at it, remember to visit the Agincourt reef; it has the highest diversity of marine life in the planet!
2. Noosa
It is an all in one feature. Noosa has beaches as well as hinterland villages. There are also national parks that are easily accessible and a wonderful river and lake system. From this, you get to experience both the inland and also the coastland in the same place. It has a headland section that holds beautiful bays and amazing rocky headlands. And from this spot, you will be able to spot whales, turtles, and dolphins.
Taking a walk through this section will have your mind blown away. Noosa has all year round climate which is great as it gives off a holiday atmosphere all year round. With world class dining, you are going to have a clean green and serene experience.
3. Northern Tasmania
If you are a fan of agriculture and farming, then this is the place for you. Known as the food bowl of Australia, the place has a diverse array of foods. From meats like lab, pork, beef, wagyu to vegetables like berries, apples, cherries, herbs, wasabis to sea food like shellfish, fish, and abalone.
But it also has another spectacle. Whenever it rains, the Cataract Gorge displays the very power of nature which definitely takes your breath away. If you love a little golfing, then visit the Miss Barnbougle dunes golf course which offers a 20 hole play among the dunes.
4. The Kimberley
This place offers something that you will not see anywhere else when you visit Australia – My Kimberley Fine-Diamonds. It is a remote diamond house that hosts some of the world’s rarest diamonds. The stunningly beautiful Argyle pink diamonds and can be viewed anytime you want. Also, the location is not just limited to the diamonds.
It is has a vast expanse that hosts ancient rock formations and a lot of lakes and natural waterfalls. Taking a boat cruise on Lake Kununurra, Lake Argyle, or even a helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles will be a vacation well spent in Kimberley.
5. Central Australia
This landscape will make you feel like you are in a magical place. The McDonnell Ranges are always changing color at different times of the day showing its beauty in full glory. It is also in these landscapes you will visit some well known places like the Alice Springs, Uluru, Palm valley, Kings Canyon, and the Olgas.
The Ilparpa Claypans are a series of pools that fill up with water when it rains after which they transform into a stunningly beautiful series of pools. If you want to have a taste of the Aboriginal culture, then take a tour of the natural and cultural environmental show in Alice Springs.
Book a ticket and head to the land down south because you will love every single moment you are there. Try as much as what the land can offer and leave with memories that you will never forget.

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