How to pick a good serviced apartment in melbourne

Are you planning a vacation in Melbourne? Maybe you are looking for a convenient place to stay? Whether you are planning to stay in Melbourne for a short duration or a longer period, serviced apartments remain the best choice for staying due to a number of reasons. Staying in a hotel room may not come with the same comfort as home. With serviced apartments, you will experience a life full of comfort due to the numerous cozy and functional fixtures.

However, it can be quite confusing when it comes to picking the best-serviced apartment in Melbourne. The guide below provides the necessary tips to finding the right apartment for your stay.


The location should be the first priority to consider when looking for a convenient apartment to stay. Some people prefer a place that is far from the city center in order to save costs. This can be true since most serviced apartments near big towns are quite expensive to afford. While you can save a great deal of money, you will need to cater for transport costs and this can go beyond your travel budget. To pick a well-serviced apartment, consider the distance to your workplace, means of accessibility, social amenities and more. A well-serviced apartment should be near to restaurants, shopping malls, fitness centers, educational facilities and more.

Apartment equipment

This type of apartment is meant to offer full facilities just like private apartments. They are designed with a living room, kitchen space, an office among other facilities. Therefore when looking for a good apartment, consider the space available and if it will accommodate the number of guests available. A well-serviced apartment contains enough workspace, spacious sleeping place, strong internet connection, plenty of entertainment equipment, kitchen items and more.


A good apartment should offer additional services such as car rental, beauty, sports, laundry and more.


The longer the stay, the better the rates one is likely to receive. Therefore if you are planning to stay for months, a well-serviced apartment will offer declining rates. Ask whether they charge for extra services and the amount of deposit required.

When booking, inquire for more information to help you make the right decision.

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